St. Matthew Online Church May 17, 2020

Hymn #380 Hallelujah Jesus Lives!

Hallelujah Jesus lives! He is now the living one;
From the gloomy halls of death, Christ the conqueror has gone
Bright forerunner to the skies of his people yet to rise.

Jesus lives! Why do you weep? Why that sad and mournful sigh?
Christ who died our brother here lives our brother still on high,
Lives forever to bestow blessings on his church below.

Jesus lives! And thus my soul, life eternal waits for you;
Joined to Christ, your living head, where he is, you shall be too;
With the Lord at God’s right hand, as a victor you shall stand.

Jesus lives! Let all rejoice, Praise him, ransomed of the earth;
Praise him in a nobler song, cherubim of heav’n-ly birth,
Praise the victor king, whose sway sin and death and hell obey.

Hallelujah! Angels sing! Join with us in hymns of praise,
Let your chorus swell the strain which our feebler voices raise,
Glory to our God above and on earth his peace and love.

Hymn#186 (The Other Songbook) Sing Hallelujah

Sing hallelujah to the Lord. Sing hallelujah to the Lord.
Sing hallelujah, Sing hallelujah.
Sing hallelujah to the Lord.

Jesus is risen from the dead. Jesus is risen from the dead.
Jesus is risen, Jesus is risen,
Jesus is risen from the dead.

Christ is the Lord of Heav’n and earth…etc.

Praise be to God forevermore…etc.

Sing Hallelujah to the Lord…etc.

Hymn#385 Good Christian Friends Rejoice and Sing!

Good Christian friends rejoice and sing! Now is the triumph of our king!
To all the world glad news we bring;
Allelluia, alleluia, allelujah.

The Lord of life is ris’n today; death’s mighty stone is rolled away;
Let all the earth rejoice and say;
Allelluia, alleluia, allelujah.

Praise we in songs of victory that love, that life which cannot die;
And sing with hearts uplifted high;
Allelluia, alleluia, allelujah.

Your name we bless, O risen Lord, and sing today with one accord,
The life laid down, the life restored;
Allelluia, alleluia, allelujah.

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