Saint Matthew Online Church May 2, 2020

St. Matthew Online Church 4th Sunday of Easter, May 2, 2020 

Hymn #384 That Easter Day with Joy Was Bright

That Easter Day with joy was bright;
The sun shone out with fairer light,
When to their longing eyes restored,
The apostles saw their risen Lord.

O Jesus king of gentleness,
With constant love our hearts possess;
To you our lips will ever raise,
The tribute of our grateful praise.

O Christ you are the Lord of all,
In this our Easter festival;
For you will be our strength and shield,
From every weapon death can wield.

All praise O risen Lord we give,
To you once dead but now alive;
To God the Father equal praise,
And God the Spirit now we raise.

Closing Hymn #825 Thine the Amen

Thine the amen thine the praise alleluias angels raise,
Thine the everlasting head thine the breaking of the bread;
Thine the glory thine the story thine the harvest then the cup,
Thine the vineyard then the cu is lifted up lifted up.

Thine the life eternally thine the promise let there be,
Thine the vision thine the tree all the Earth on bended knee;
Gone the nailing gone the railing gone the pleading gone the cry,
Gone the sighing gone the dying what was lost lifted high.

Thine the truly thine the yes thine the table thine the guest,
Thine the mercy all from thee thine the glory yet to be;
Then the ringing then the singing then the end of all the war,
Thine the living thine the loving evermore evermore.

Thine the kingdom thine the prize thine the wonderful surprise,
Thine the banquet then the praise then the justice of thy ways;
Thine the glory thine the story then the welcome to the least,
Then the wonder all increasing at thy feast at they feast.

Thine the glory in the night no more dying only light,
Thine the river thine the tree then the Lamb eternally;
Then the holy holy holy celebration jubilee,
Thine the splendor thine the brightness only thee only thee.

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