Join Martin Luther in social distancing.

Join Martin Luther in social distancing. In April of 1521 Martin Luther appeared in Worms for an imperial diet which is a fancy term for council meeting. It is most often referred to as the Diet of Worms because the council meeting was in Worms.  It was at the Diet of Worms that Luther was given the choice to recant, or take back, the challenges that he issued in his 95 theses. When presented with the recant or face excommunication, it is said that Luther replied “Here I Stand, I can do no other. God help me, Amen.” Once Luther refused to take back his challenges, he was in fact, excommunicated from the Catholic church. Because the Catholic church was the state church, Luther became an enemy of the state and became an outlaw. Luther’s supporters orchestrated a kidnapping and Luther hid in the Wartburg Castle for 9 months. During his time in Social isolation, Luther translated the Bible into German. This is the first time that the bible was made available in the language of the people. We don’t expect you to take on such a project while you are in self isolation but perhaps now would be a good time to celebrate the Diet of Worms and make a dirt cake for you and your family. 
Permission given by Old Lutheran to repost.

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