Easter – what happens next?



This highly dramatic event would have made for a great end to a blockbuster film. One can almost hear the roar of the earthquake, see the painful glare of the lightening-white clothing of the angel, and feel the fear of the guards as their world shook around them. It is as if the scene was intentionally shocking. Because it was so shockingly impossible, it leaves hearers two options: to reject it outright, or to believe wholeheartedly. Hearers are given the invitation to be all in, and then to go out, spreading the news of the miraculous events, and extending the invitation to anyone who will hear.

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Sunday, Matthew 28:1-10, Easter: Matthew

Monday, Psalm 118:19-24, Psalm

Tuesday, Matthew 28:11-15, The Report of the Guard

Wednesday, Acts 1:12-26, Matthias Chosen to Replace Judas

Thursday, Acts 2:37-42, The First Converts

Friday, Acts 5:12-16, The Apostles Heal Many

Saturday, Acts 5:17-42, The Apostles are Persecuted

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