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Outreach for Hope 2019 Bike Ride

Yes – it’s really that time again! . . mark your calendars for the annual Outreach for Hope Family Bike Ride on Saturday, Sept. 7th and join the fun as we ride to support Outreach for Hope ministries in low-income neighborhoods in Milwaukee, Racine and Kenosha. This year we have THREE bike rides to choose from – Waukesha, Ozaukee AND Racine/Kenosha Counties.   All ages and experience welcomed.   Please consider all three ways to participate:  Ride – Raise Funds – Volunteer.  Details and information available at (Registration website will launch approx. June 1 – Stay tuned!)


It’s Picture Time!

Greetings All,

Has it been 5 years already, yes it has. St. Matthew is once again creating a Church Directory and have set up May 9,10,11 of this year (next month) as the dates to get your picture taken.

Pets are allowed, but NOT in the directory picture. You can sign up for a time online by clicking the link below, otherwise we will be in the Narthex after church the next few Sundays.

Holy Week Schedule – 2019







            9:00 AM Worship

           April 14, 2019


            7:00 PM Worship

            April 18, 2019


           7:00 PM Worship

           April 19, 2019


           6:00 AM Easter Sunrise Worship

           7:00-9:00 AM Easter Breakfast

           9:00 AM Easter Worship

           April 21, 2019