The early leaders of the faithful had an ever-growing task on their hands: to keep adding to the numbers of converted while trying to reconcile the old customs with the new message. Opinions are strong, and the young church faces one among many threats of division.


There are many things that can divide a church today, yet many more that can unite us.


Read the following daily readings to deepen your understanding of Sunday’s text. 

Sunday: Council at Jerusalem, Acts 15:1-18

Monday: The Conversion of Lydia, Acts 16:11-15
Tuesday: Paul and Silas in Prison, Acts 16:16-40
Wednesday: Paul Sails for Rome, Acts 27:1-12
Thursday: The Storm at Sea, Acts 27:13-38
Friday: The Shipwreck, Acts 27:39-28:16
Saturday: Paul Preaches in Rome, Acts 28:23-31

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