No sight? No height? No problem. Jesus has a way of finding those who truly seek his attention. And as we should have learned by now, even a brief encounter with the Son of God has the power to transform a life forever.

Jesus can heal bodies and spirits, and often does both at the same time.

Read the following daily readings and after the reading,
ask the question, Why do you think Jesus is drawn to the underdogs?

Sunday: Zacchaeus, Luke 18:31 – 19:10

Monday: Parable of the Ten Pounds, Luke 19:11-28
Tuesday: Jesus Cleanses the Temple, Luke 19:45- 20:8
Wednesday: Parable of Wicked Tenants, Luke 20:9-19
Thursday:  Jesus is Questioned, Luke 20:20-47
Friday: The Widow’s Offering, Luke 21:1-19
Saturday: Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold, Luke 21:20-38


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