Holy Week Bible Study Readings


Study: Study the reading and consider the background.

Jesus entered Jerusalem for the last time, venerated and adored as the king who would redeem Israel and save her from the oppression of Rome. The people had no way of knowing that Jesus’ purpose was much greater; to save people from sin and death.
Many things in this story indicated that the people were celebrating Jesus as a king. The donkey and the colt, the spreading of cloaks and the branches were all signs of royalty. The people shouted, “Hosanna!” which means “save, rescue, savior.” They acknowledged Jesus as a prophet, which meant that his actions were directed and blessed by God. A good king would protect the people from harm, provide basic human needs (food, shelter, safety) for his kingdom, and rule with justice.

Follow the stories of Jesus’ final days on the earth.

Sunday, Matthew 21:1-13, Triumphal Entry
Monday, Psalm 118:26-29, Psalm
Tuesday, Matthew 27:1-14, Passion
Wednesday, Matthew 27:15-26, Passion
Thursday, Matthew 26:17-30, Words of Institution
Friday, Matthew 27:27-61, Crucifixion
Saturday, Matthew 27:62-66, The Guard at the Tomb

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